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Jun 9
I have anxiety to the point I have physical symptoms, and there will be a highhhhhh chance on going on the medication Zoloft , or another similar one. Does anyone have experience on it? How it impacted you, and others around you? How is your sex drive? There’s research shown that Zoloft may actually make your anxiety, depression worse for those under 25, and while it’s not a usual symptom, it’s enough that there’s continual research around it
Jun 9
I think I missed TW: anxiety, medications
Jun 9
Zoloft made my anxiety and depression worse and I had horrible side effects on it. It’ll effect everyone differently though, so don’t make your choice based on others’ opinions or experiences!
Jun 9
@Lemongrass_ sorry bro that sucks 😞 I’m quite scared as my body is quite sensitive to any chemical/drug
Jun 9
How long have you been in therapy thoroughly working through your anxieties ?
Jun 9
@Lemongrass_ I’ve been doing therapy on and off for about 6 months , as I can’t really afford it, I’ve taken all the sessions from my student insurance. My anxieties aren’t necessarily one thing, it more generalized so while there are triggers, it’s more like I’m just always in a state of anxiety

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