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Mar 14
For the last few months or so, I’ve been going for a 40 minute walk on my lunch break when I’m in the office. This is only 2-3 days a week. I’ve got crazyyyy stretch marks on the back of my calves and higher. I used to walk 5 days a week when I was in school(that was like 5+ years ago now lol) and I never had stretch marks then. Why am I getting them now? Just from walking 40 mins 2x a week? 🥹
Mar 14
Likely just normal signs of aging and your body changing. Your body won't look the same as 5 years ago.
Mar 14
@aurielle I get that, just didn’t know there’d be such a dramatic difference from 17-22. Didn’t know I’d get loads of stretch marks just from walking 😕
Mar 14
TW mention of weight It might not be from the walking specifically maybe weight gain or natural body changes :)
Mar 14
@_EmS that’s when your body changes a lot to be fair

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