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Oct 16
TW: Drugs, Marijuana Do any of you ladies have a medical card? If so, do you like using marijuana as alternative medicine? I’m thinking of getting a card because I have such bad anxiety.
Oct 16
honestly, there are better ways to deal with anxiety. i used it for anxiety but soon i became addicted bc i loved how it’s get rid of my anxiety, but when i didn’t have it i was a mess, and it took me almost two years to finally get off of it. but it is an option you can try. just be careful. try CBD instead heard that’s better for anxiety, but i’ve never tried it.
Oct 16
I use it when my anxiety is bad but not like all the time just cuz I don’t wanna rely on it too much. Also I don’t like getting super high cuz that makes me feel weird but a little buzz is enough for my anxiety personally
Oct 16
It gives me more anxiety because then forcefully I have to deal with whatever is causing the freak out

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