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Dec 4 18
How does everyone spend the holidays? Trying to figure out the best way to break up the holidays having two families (mine and my boyfriends) Growing up we rotated every 3 years. So one year we would go to my moms parents for Christmas, the following. We would go to my dads parents and the next year we spent at our house. Any ideas would be nice because we can’t see both families the same time.
Dec 4 18
What my boyfriend and I did last year was we spent thanksgiving with his family and christmas with mine. Could you do something like that? Whichever family you spent thanksgiving with then spend Christmas with the other one? And flip them around next year? Or could you do that with New Years? Spend Christmas with one side of the family and New Years with the other? What my parents did was we spent Christmas Eve and my paternal grandparents house/with my dads side of the family, then Christmas morning we spent with just us at our house opening presents and stuff. Then either in the evening on Christmas Day or on the 26th we'd spend with my moms side of the family.
Dec 4 18
Or Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas Day with the other?
Dec 4 18
We did thanksgiving with my family this year and are going to do Christmas with his. I want to keep doing that only next year we would spend thanksgiving with his and Christmas with mine.... the issue is his mom, she doesn’t want to go with out her kids for Christmas so I’m just double checking it’s normal not to spend every Christmas with one side of the family. We couldn’t do Christmas Eve with one and day with the other because they don’t live near each other
Dec 4 18
@NoDak96 that's a totally fair compromise. It's what my boyfriend and I did last year. His mom needs to understand that one side of the family isn't more important than the other. If she gets an attitude about it have your partner explain to her that it isn't fair to only spend Christmas with her side of the family and that you will be rotating Thanksgiving and Christmas from now on.

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