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Sep 13
warning - sickness recently I’ve been feeling extremely tired 24/7 to the point where I have to nap everyday for at least 2 hours if not more...and I mean if I go out I make sure I get back to nap before going back to work I do split shifts but not long shifts... But then my other symptoms I’m having Is I feel short of breath quite a lot of the time And today I ran literally for 20 seconds to my house from down the road and threw up in my mouth.. And everytime I lie down or go to sleep or try eating i feel sick, or feel something coming acid reflux I guess... any ideas before a trip to the walk in centre as I have no local doctor with my job
Sep 13
Try apple cider vinegar
Sep 13
^dilute it I’d you try that, but you deffo need to go see a doctor or go to the walk in centre. Possibly low iron but idk x
Sep 14
I would try to not eat 3 hours before you go to sleep or take a nap. I have acid reflux and that’s what my gastroenterologist told me to not eat before I go to sleep. You might also benefit from sleeping on a wedge pillow. I sleep on one and it helps for me
Sep 14
@Shellyb_ I have tried it absolutely rank 😭😅

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