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Jun 27
so i haven't been on birth control in months and i has unprotected sex and my boyfriend finished in me, on my ovulation, (i didn't know i was ovulating) anyways i'm two months late for my period and i've taken a bunch of pregnancy tests, and a blood test and they are all negative, what is going on with my body?
Jun 27
Well it can take up to 9 months for your body to get an actual period back after stopping bc. It could also be stress, and many other factors
Jun 27
Sounds like you lucked out. Next time please use condoms. Unprotected sex = risk of pregnancy. And it can be very difficult to determine when exactly you’re ovulating or not
Jun 27
You may have been lucky and just simply not got pregnant. Obviously pregnancy is likely to occur when you’re ovulating and not on birth control. But it’s not 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t trying to become pregnant then some form of birth control is ideal.
Jun 28
If it’s been 3 or more weeks since the unprotected sex then the tests will be accurate. As said above it can take up to a year for your body to adjust to being off birth control, and during that time your periods might be super irregular.

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