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Sep 20 22
Heyo! Wondering if people know what actually makes nails stronger naturally? Recently my nails have gotten 10x stronger and i’m really happy but i don’t know why they got so much nicer 😂 I don’t want to change anything so if anyone could tell me something that could have changed that made them so strong that would be great. The only thing that’s been different is when i’ve been on holiday i’ve been in the pool a lot but also it’s been a really nice heat when i got out so the dry quick instead of staying bendy. Could also be the extra hormones in my pill but i have no idea
Sep 20 22
Biotin !
Sep 20 22
CW - food Have you been eating a more balanced diet? Or a diet with more vitamins/minerals?
Sep 20 22
the only difference is where i’ve been in holiday in turkey i’ve been eating a lot of turkish food, kebabs, curries their deserts. Definitely a lot more proper meat rather than processed. i’m not sure if they have more vitamins but theirs a possibility
Sep 22 22
I was told to eat a jelly cube a day and honestly it works

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