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Mar 13
TW mental health, suicide I’ve been feeling so low today and it’s becoming a very regular thing, it has been for a long time now, I remember the person I used to be and I used to be so fun and outgoing and happy, I try so hard to think of how to be like that again. But I keep constantly going into these really depressive states and I feel so down and helpless and then the next minute or after a few days I’m on a high and I’m really excited about life, it’s like a continuous cycle and I’m so fed up of it. When I’m down I’m beyond low, I’ve been diagnosed with OCD for a very long time and get suicidal visions etc from my pure O, however I don’t think I’d ever act upon my suicidal thoughts, I know it’s my OCD. but all of this up and down moods is more new, it’s really getting to me. I was dropped from my therapist too.
Mar 13
I don’t even know what I was hoping to achieve from posting that^^ but I guess just if you guys have any advice on how to pull yourself out of a very low mood that would be good but don’t feel pressured💕
Mar 13
I know what youre going through i have bipolar anxiety and depression and ADD and honestly sometimes i feel like this isnt even living but more of a just passing time with life . I had over 3 therapists and 3 phyciatrists and at this point i dont even know what pills ro take cause all of them just made me crazier and im sorry youre going through this! I really am some advise from me to you is to just keep going no matter what weight you have chained on you... just keep dragging it till you get to the top of the mountain because it has taken me alot of years to be where im at i use to constantly cut and hit myself and now i do nun maybe punch a wall or so when im mar but thats it i just keep pushing till theres nothing left in me to keep going and when i go to sleep i think.. well at least i e gone this far and if God lets me open my eyes one more time in the morning that means theres a purpose and reason why im here... sorry if this isnt much help but keep going♥️
Mar 13
@Josiah I’m sorry to hear that!! The whole mood changing thing is pretty new to me I’ve only recently noticed it happening, when I’m up it’s like I’m unstoppable and I’m so excited for everything and it’s literally like I’m the happiest person in the world but then it’ll change so fast to being super down and feeling the complete opposite. Thank you so much, I’m pleased you no longer harm yourself. Thank you! You too❤️
Mar 14
I’m sorry you’re going through this boo. Sending love and support your way 💕

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