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Nov 18 22
Hey y’all!! I’ve been here a couple times lol I’m just wondering I took my first placebo pill yesterday I bled in the morning just when I wiped it was like a pink brown, we had an accident a week and 6 days into taking the pill November 6th it happened I took a plan b but I had already ovulated 4 days before that so I don’t think it worked. My nipples have been sore no “period” yet but my concern is I’ve been peeing a lot.. like every 20 minutes but sometimes nothing comes out it don’t hurt like a UTI but even after I go I still feel like I have to go right back what could be happening?
Nov 18 22
{wiHdur5sA} A UTI won’t always show with all symptoms, it could just be one or two. Frequent need to urinate does sound like a uti so go see a doctor
Nov 18 22
@nikeyxo yea I have a 2 year old n didn’t even pee this much.. thank you!

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