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Sep 12
How likely are you to become pregnant while taking the pill correctly? Bc me and my bf have regular unprotected sex, and i constantly fear that i am pregnant and i cant stop thinking about it and have really bad anxiety 😬
Sep 12
Very very unlikely. Pregnancy wise it’s not unprotected sex if you’re using the pill correctly. If it’s causing you a lot of stress and anxiety it might be worth using condoms until you feel more comfortable going without. Sex should be fun x
Sep 12
Maybe use condoms until you trust your pill
Sep 12
You’ve asked questions like these before, I suggest you educate yourself more about how the pill works. If you take your pill correctly, then you won’t get pregnant.
Sep 13
if taking your pill correctly, you wont get pregnant. I worry too, mainly about other factors like if i were to get sick and it effect my pill (like diarrhea) so I always use condoms along with my pill just in case.
Sep 13
i worry about this all the time, even just this morning. i’m a perfect user of my pill but still have a hard time trusting it! was easier to trust when i was sexually active all the time but now that i dont have sex as much i get even more anxious about pregnancy. but honestly try not to worry! you will not get pregnant if you use it correctly, pregnancy on the pill occurs from human error while taking it and not the medication itself
Sep 13

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