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Feb 21
Okay I work at a Kroger (grocery store) and tomorrow they scheduled me for a morning shift without asking me (I’m not typically available on Sunday’s) but my one manager did ask me to work a 2-9 which is easy and I was like sure but this past Friday I checked and a different set of managers changed it to a morning shift in a whole other department without even asking me. I just worked a 27 hour work week (I told them my max hours are 24 because of school) and I’ve only had one day off and I’m just mentally exhausted and want my Sunday off now but feel guilty to call off.... am I awful for wanting to call off
Feb 21
And if I do call off what should my reason be? I feel like managers don’t take mental health days seriously
Feb 21
I would call off and say your back hurts lol that’s what I do
Feb 21
I’d call and say you’ve been scheduled to work but you’re not available for that shift and won’t be able to make it. You’ve got school work to prioritise and you’ve already worked over your agreed hours.

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