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Nov 23
Topic: aromanticism So, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m aromantic, not just scared of vulnerability. I’m really confused, so looking for input from anyone on the spectrum or with knowledge on aromanticism. This whole post might seem really confusing based on my last posts, so I’ll try to explain. I do think that I loved the guy from before, but thinking about it, he’s the only person I’ve felt romantic attraction to, and I was never in a real relationship with him, so I don’t even know if I would have actually liked that once I was in it. With all other instances where I was in a relationship or close to it, I felt a deep desire to get out or felt that the relationship was extremely disposable. Since the guy from before (who I’ve since moved on from), I haven’t had any crushes. This means no new crushes in over 3 years. I’m watching a video on the aromantic spectrum now, arospike seems to fit this? Can someone become aromantic? Does this sound like that? I was originally very dismissive of the possibility, but someone suggested it sounded like that was possible. Honestly, the idea of a forever relationship seems nice to me, but that’s only in theory. In practice, I’ve always hated dating and the feelings I experience in relationships.
Nov 23
I identified as aro for a while, too. I think a part of me maybe still kinda on that spectrum. But tbh it’s kinda hard to tell if you have commitment issues (at least for me) or it’s just not experiencing romantic feelings. I think someone can “become” aromantic as you said it’s a spectrum! When it comes to sexuality and romantic feelings it’s not always black and white. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to put an exact label if you don’t want to.
Nov 23
You’re only just 16 aren’t you? I really don’t think it’s unusual to not have felt proper romantic attraction by that age. I’m 23 and have only felt that way towards maybe 2 people and haven’t been in a serious relationship. I honestly wouldn’t stress about labels or relationships right now just focus on having fun/new experiences x
Nov 23
@AWg1 It’s possible. I think I mainly feel that way because there are guys that I’ve met recently that I normally would have a crush on but I don’t. Like I’m kind of sexually attracted to them, but I have no desire to do anything romantic, the thought of that repulses me. This is very unusual for me, before even when I started liking people for physical attractiveness or charisma it quickly turned into more than that. I’m just trying to focus on work right now, it seems to be the only good thing that I feel I can focus on.
Nov 23
Yeah that’s completely normal, sounds like you’re just maturing and becoming more independent. It’s also normal to not be interested in anything romantic or a serious relationship, being so young I’d say it’s a good thing not to tbh.

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