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Aug 12
I have taken my birth control consistently at the same time and today is the end of my break week (placebo pills). My husband and I had sex and he came inside of me. However, my new pack didn’t arrive today so I won’t be able to take a pill and I’m worried about the chances of being pregnant. I plan on using condoms for the rest of the week when I technically miss a pill. Do y’all think I should take a plan b or am I okay since technically I haven’t missed a pill yet when I had sex? Sorry it’s kinda confusing. Brand: Junel Fe 1/20
Aug 12
If you had condomless sex during your break week and cannot start your new pack on time, your break week will become unprotected. I’d take plan B if it’s still within the 3 day time frame and use condoms for the first 7 full days (until the 8th day/8th pill). Best of luck!

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