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Dec 2 22
i’ve had a some painful bumps near my anus and some on my vagina obviously with my concern i went to the doctor and he said it’s a skin infection . i haven’t had any discharge or smell . it doesn’t look like a herpes outbreak either . has anyone had this happen before?
Dec 2 22
he also confirmed it’s not a herpes outbreak . i’m just having some anxiety.
Dec 2 22
bumps did go away after taking antibiotics but near my anus there’s still a kind of open wound so it’s uncomfortable when i walk. however all bumps are gone
Dec 2 22
I made a post about something like this today dude it’s so annoying I get them and I don’t know what they are or why
Dec 2 22
@Blixy did yours kind of open up? i had some that looked kind of pus filled too. idk it’s weird and it wasn’t an std so i’m confused what it was as well and this is my first time getting them
Dec 2 22
It sounds like open sores which remind me of herpes? Did they do a blood test for herpes?? Herpes is a skin infection. I would say ask for more antibiotics since you still have it affecting you. Do they sting? Also has your partner been tested? Do they have any symptoms?
Dec 2 22
Also kind of sounds like genital warts.
Dec 2 22
@cczzzpp some are just bumps under my skin, kind of like a cyst and then some Have like a hole for pus to come out of if I squeeze them basically like a pimple, but I don’t know why I get them so much
Dec 3 22
@maeve_ it’s not genital warts
Dec 3 22
@stinaaa i’ve gotten a blood test done beforehand and it was negative . i am going in for another one today. it’s stopped affecting me everything is gone but just rwant to be safe ofc
Dec 4 22
Beforehand? Like before this happened or during? The best time to get tested is when you’re having them down there. If not blood tests can come back negative because the antibody isn’t in your blood since you’re not experiencing them then. I’m glad you’re all cleared up now!

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