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Feb 4
Hi, is anyone on the desogestrel contraceptive pill? If so what side effects do you get on it, I know everyone’s different but at least I’ll have a general idea. I was on fhe rigevidon for 4 years prior to this and doctors took me off it as I was at high risk of having a stroke and it caused me really bad migraines, so they’ve changed me to the desogestrel and I’m a bit weary to take it
Feb 4
I've been on it since end of November and barely had any major side effects except a little breakthrough bleeding. My periods have gotten lighter too. Don't have anything bad to say about it but I'm probably still adjusting to it
Feb 4
I’m in the same situation as you but I’ve been on the desogestral pill for a couple of years now. My only symptom is occasional bleeding, although during the adjustment period I bled constantly for a very long time so don’t be worried if you bleed for weeks on end
Feb 4
Thankyou guys 2 of my family members are on it aswell and they don’t really have any side effects so I think I might just take it again
Feb 6
I was on desogestral pill for 3 years and it made me depressed lol. My mood was so low and felt teary about the smallest things. However, in those 3 years I think I’ve gotten like 2 spots ever - my skin was so clear lol and my hair was a lot thicker. However, even though I was “glowing” I was also very depressed, so I decided to come off it and it feels empowering lol

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