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Aug 3
i took a laxative last night because i’ve been struggling for about a week. i take my pill every morning at 9am, this won’t interfere with my pill will it? i took the laxative at 10pm and have just passed now at 7am and i won’t go again. now i’ll take my pill at 9am and it won’t be affected? Brand: Cerazette
Aug 3
It won’t be a problem
Aug 3
for diarrhoea to affect the pill it has to be 6+ trips of liquid stool within 24hrs
Aug 3
It won't be an issue unless you have severe diarrhea
Aug 3
@aurielle what classes as “severe”?
Aug 3
@laar04 more than 6 trips to the bathroom with completely liquid stool as said above
Aug 3
@aurielle and what am i supposed to do if that has happened?
Aug 3
@laar04 treat it as a missed pill. Use backup protection if you have sex until you've taken 2 more pills to become protected again
Aug 4
@aurielle so it only takes 2 pills for me to be protected again? i just want to make it clear before i see my boyfriend on sunday, if it’s only 2 i’ll be protected by then right? sorry lmao
Aug 4
@laar04 yes because you're on a mini pill. I recommend reading through the NHS webpage on the mini pill, it's very useful!

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