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Aug 12
my boyfriend is leaving to college in a different state this wednesday so i really only have 2 more days with him. the reality is starting to hit me and i’m feeling very low but want to make my last days with him fun & don’t want worry him on how i’m feeling. i honestly feel like once he leaves i’m going to end up being miserable with being without him but i’m trying to plans things ahead to keep myself busy and distracted. jus a small rant/venting i think idk :(
Aug 12
Keep yourself busy and go out with friends and family. Don’t let your boyfriend’s location determine your happiness. He should give you additional happiness, not take it away from you when he leaves.
Aug 12
Just think he’ll still be Able to call you when he’s free, it’s not like you two can’t talk, and when you do get to do that and get to spend time together how special will that be ! X

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