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Jun 28
I’m going to get my nosed pierced in a few days and was wondering if anybody has any tips for before i go and the aftercare??
Jun 28
I’ve gotten quite a few piercings , my tongue , my belly button , back dermals , I have 3 sets on my ears ... and I’ll be getting my nipples pierced later today 😅 My biggest tip i tell people is to make sure you get it for the right reasons , like make sure you want it for you because if you get it to fit in or because someone else says you should then it’s not going to be worth it. When you go be relaxed about the choice you’re making , avoid wearing making up for a while because it’s takes 2-4 months for the nose to heal . In the mean time don’t take out the hoop or stud until it’s time . Listen carefully to the professional you go to because each one has different ones . Make sure that you clean it regularly , with whatever the professional recommended . I personally have used sea salt and warm water for my belly , and my dermals , and my ears when needed . However , others recommend a certain brand product .
Jun 28
I had a nose ring for a few years. Was forced to take it out for a job then I forgot to put it back in and it closed up 😔 my nose was sensitive so certain materials irritated it. Silver jewelry worked best for me. I had a hoop so it sometimes hurt when it would get bumped, so be careful if you get that one. I also think you’re supposed to clean it daily with a saline solution
Jun 30
Sea salt and warm water mix, that is something I live by and I haven’t had any problems! I have had 11 piercings.

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