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Jun 28
sorry if this is a dumb question but. i’ve been taking alesse 28 for abt 5 months now, which i got from my university pharmacy. since i’m back home, i went to the doctor to get another prescription and i was given the generic brand aviane 28. i’m on my last pack of alesse, so after that when i start aviane is there anything i need to be aware of? like will i still be protected or would i need to take 7 days of aviane pills first.
Jun 28
If they have the same dosage they’re the same exact pills so you don’t have to do anything differently
Jun 28
If it has a different dosage there will be instructions in your new pills pamphlet about switching from one pill to another
Jun 28
@Llunx_ both pills are 100mcg levonorgestrel and 20mcg ethinyl estradiol, so then once i’m finished my alesse pack id go onto the aviane packs like normal then. thank you so much for your help😊
Jun 28
No problem :)
Jun 28
They’re the same I take it
Jun 28
@aiimxo thanks!

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