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Jan 12
The day after I started my period the outside of my vagina started burning. I looked down and some of it was red. My skin seems to be flaking. I believe it might be eczema or a rash from a pad. Any tips on what to do?
Jan 12
Wash only with water and change pads frequently. Are you using a new pad brand or anything?
Jan 12
My friend had to lend me one of hers the day I started because I didn’t have one but I’ve been using the same brand for two years
Jan 12
You might have been irritated by something in the pad she gave you x
Jan 12
I’ve been getting dry and flakey in the same area and putting moisturizer on it I recently stopped and then this happened it might just be irritation from lack of moisturizer Idk
Jan 12
The moisturizer is not scented

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