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Sep 20
Is there any helpful things I could do that others on here have found helpful to help relieve this breakthrough bleeding pain I have been suffering with since yesterday. Any help would be much appreciated (:
Sep 20
(p.s, I have taken ibuprofen i forgot to add)
Sep 20
Hot water bottles are my life saver especially when theyre hot not warm, replacing it every few hours instead of waiting for it to get cold is how i used to manage. A bath? if you have one but don’t make it too hot or you’ll overheat yourself (done that was not fun) As much as you’re probably tired, trying to get up and do things, it helps distract and exercise is good for pain. If worse comes to worse, sometimes ibuprofen isn’t good enough so talking to a GP, they may help you find some other pain killers that work. Usually prescribed though so it will cost if you’re over 18 (: You could also just cry it out! I’m not afraid to cry for two hours straight when it hurts that bad, lay in bed keep your legs a little elevated but you head flat (1 pillow maybe 2 if that’s comfy for you) put on a movie and cry it out.
Sep 20
^ hot water bottles. I know you can get ones that have a strap that you can wear around your waist

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