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Apr 5
I have just under 2 months left at uni, I’m in last year and I’m thinking of suspending my studies and repeating this year again next year. My friends and family think it’s a bad idea and I should just put my head down and carry on and they think I’m able to do it But I have 2x 3,000 word assignments and 8,000 word dissertation to do in one month and I have done any of it, i also have an exam that I’m really not prepared for I have been struggling for the best couple of months with everything that is going on and just not been able to do anything, I cry everyday and I try so hard to the work and I have no idea why I can’t and I have no idea what I have been doing for the last 4 months If you were in my position would you carry on or would you stop your studies and repeat the year
Apr 5
Is there an option to have any of your deadlines extended?
Apr 5
Definitely speak to your lecturers/module leaders about extensions. I think if you end up with a very low grade (like a third) it’s worth retaking just this semester, you don’t have to do the whole year, but if you think you’ll end up with a 2.2 then I think it depends on your plans for after Uni? x
Apr 6
Obviously do what is best for you and your mental health as that is SO much more important than anyone else’s opinions. If this were me— (I’m not saying do this!!) I would pull myself together as best as I can by reminding myself that in two short months things will start to look up. If it were me I would rather push through the two months than have to go through the entire year again where my mental health is would most likely struggle still with having to retake things

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