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Jun 10
So I got the My Pill tracker app as a helping hand to remind me once my first EVER packs come in. I’m extremely nervous because my mom hasn’t really wanted to talk about those things with me ever and I’ve tried to talk to her. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right when I start because I am only 18 and NOT ready for anything to happen to me. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FEEL BETTER!!
Jun 10
Read your pamphlet when you get your packet of pills. Make sure to read it front to back. It’s going to be your key to success. This forum is used as a second source of information for you. Also try to learn and trust your pill. It’s also good to note that the pill prevents you from getting pregnant and it doesn’t prevent you from getting STI’s. If you’re not in a committed relationship, I would advise to use condoms along with the pill to protect yourself from those said STI’s.
Jun 10
@justpeachyy thank you so much! I’ve been with my partner for a good few months now so we both know that the STI portion is not anything to worry about but thank you for the info. I didn’t know if it would come with one and just got my anxiety up.
Jun 10
@Princesszeld All medications should come with some sort of pamphlet. Also, if it doesn’t then the My Pill app should have it in their data base.

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