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Nov 6 19
Hey guys. Me and my friends were talking last night, and somehow ended up discussing fisting. One of them said that she thinks it is literally only a thing in porn, which is believable considering it is pretty extreme. But at the same time, to be honest I have stumbled upon fisting toys and specific lubes for fisting in sex shops before, - so if they’re selling it, someone has to be buying it, no? Have any of you done it/ know someone who did ? Or do you also think it’s primarily a hardcore porn thing extremely rarely done irl? I’m so curious now !👀
Nov 6 19
Someone I know stated they had but I really couldn’t read whether it was a joke or not, the conversation moved on afterwards as well so there wasn’t an explanation
Nov 6 19
I know that my friend has done it, her partner is female though so she probs has smaller hands than most men which might make it easier
Nov 6 19
No I am definitely not interested in trying it.
Nov 6 19
Not for me.
Nov 6 19
I’ve never done it, but I don’t think it’s only a porn thing. If a baby can come out of a vagina, I think a fist could be able to fit just fine.
Nov 6 19
I’ve never done it and I’ve never watched porn so I have no idea
Nov 6 19
I’ve never done it but it’s definitely not just a porn thing.
Nov 6 19
I wouldn't do it but a lot of people enjoy it.
Nov 7 19
*pikachu surprised face*
Nov 7 19
I have never done it. I don’t really have interest in it
Nov 7 19
I voted for the second option since I haven’t done it, but definitely don’t think it’s just a porn thing since I have heard of people doing it and enjoying it.

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