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May 14
Whenever I straighten my hair, the top is SO flat, how can I make it more voluminous
May 14
Do you like or use hairspray?
May 14
Lay on the edge of the bed, on your stomach. And tilt your head forward and straighten it downward or just stand up side down and straighten it that way, or if you just stand up straighten it upwads light hair spray, light light
May 14
I add dry shampoo before straightening my hair, and once I’m done straightening I brush it and fluff it up and it seems to work!
May 14
BigSexyHair volume powder
May 14
maybe if you just straighten the ends of your hair or just do t go overboard with straightening the top
May 14
You need to use some sort of dry shampoo or volume powder, straight hair is usually pretty flat on the top

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