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Nov 6 19
I had braces 6 years ago, and I only wore my retainer for a few months after I got them taken off. Recently I have felt my teeth have shifted quite a bit. Would it be bad if I put my retainer back in?
Nov 6 19
No it would be good if it you put it back in.
Nov 6 19
You can try but it most likely will not fit back in and will be very painful to keep in if they’ve shifted too much. If they haven’t moved much it might be okay
Nov 7 19
Nope. I still us my retainer on and off. But do not force the retainers back in if they do not fit.
Nov 7 19
Oh girl no. You need to use your retainer for as long as you want straight teeth
Nov 7 19
If you want to maintain your straight teeth then you have to wear your retainer for life. You can try to put them back on, but it might be uncomfortable for your teeth. Also might not fit anymore
Nov 7 19
I’ve not worn my retainer for about 2 years straight and one day I decided to wear them again. They’ll most likely be a little tight at first as your teeth and jaw get used to it again, but they’ll shift your teeth back in place. But don’t force them in if they really don’t fit.
Nov 7 19
I haven’t worn my retainers in 10 years Heck I don’t even know where they are at If you feel your teeth have shifted, you can try but don’t force it, I tried that once and I took them right back out One of my teeth definitely shifted over just a tad but nothing I’m not alarmed about I will however will have a tooth that will always stay cricket because it didn’t want to straighten when I had braces I had a messed up mouth and had most of my baby teeth pulled out The tooth that is cricket had to have a chain on it to bring it up, I had a baby tooth up front and I noticed that their was a tooth behind the baby tooth

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