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Apr 5
Hey girls! I’m on the pill my period came a day early and the cramps are unreal. I’m on day 2 and as of right now there’s a lot of clots and it’s definitely going to be a heavy long period. What do y’all do for heavy and cramps periods? I have to attended a funeral tomorrow so I’ll be out all morning/ afternoon long and I’m worried. Love to hear some of your advice. Thanks!
Apr 5
it’s not a period as you don’t ovulate on the pill. it’s a withdrawal bleed on your break week and a breakthrough bleed during your active pills. are you on your active pills or placebo pills?
Apr 5
@nikeyxo hey! I know it’s a break week and technically not a period but I’m so used to saying period it was out of habit! Sorry. I’m taking my placebo pill now. I just wanted to know what everyone does for cramps and heavier periods.
Apr 5
you can skip your break week and just take your active pills and that could potentially stop the bleeding :)
Apr 5
@nikeyxo I’ve never done that before! I was wondering if taking my active pills sooner then I would, would slow my period down or potentially stop it since I already took 2 placebo pills? Thanks for your help!
Apr 5
yes it could stop it but it’s not guaranteed and you could still get breakthrough bleeding but it works for many users. you’re welcome!

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