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Jun 8
Hi yall, anyone here has PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)? I’ve been having really crazy PMS episodes and comparing to my friends who experience PMS, I’m starting to think mine might not just be regular PMS... Then I just found out and read about PMDD and I can identify with 98% of the symptoms. 😩 What do you experience and how do you deal? Regular PMS people also please share!
Jun 9
I had to be put Ocella (Yasmin) because it helps with PMDD symptoms. Two weeks before my period I would be depression and basically felt in rage daily. I’m not sure how my boyfriend dealt with me lol. It was a whole personality change for me. Plus, regular PMS symptoms bloating, (severe) cramps, back ache, etc. I also have endometriosis too. Thankfully I’m better today:)
Jun 9
@Puddin I feel what you mean! I also become super unstable both mentally and emotionally and always end up getting angry at my bf (and everyone) for no reason. I get depressed and think about dying every month (only now I’m starting to connect the dots with PMS/PMDD). Mine doesn’t start as far as 2 weeks and I don’t get physical pain before I start bleeding thankfully, I can imagine how much worse it must be for you! I’m glad the forces of nature are in your favour today 🌺 You’re strong

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