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Jan 22
My boyfriend has a very high sex drive but i dont. He has mentioned a lot of times that sex is important to him as its intimate and how he expresses love for his partner on a deeper level. I understand him but i just dont want to have sex as often as he does. For me, i’d be fine having it once or twice a week but for him i think he’d want it at least 4 times a week. I have talked about it many times that i dont understand why i feel that way and i dont know how to fix it. He expressed to me that he feels like im not attracted to him and i have told him that its not the case at all. Im just so frustrated, i can clearly see that he wants to be intimate more often but im not gonna force myself to have sex when i dont want to. I dont know what to do😩
Jan 22
i don’t think you should blame yourself! he should understand where you’re coming from! that’s just the way you are, he has to learn to accept it and deal with it. there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex as often as your partner does 🤍
Jan 22
Definitely don’t force yourself to have sex if you don’t want to!! Maybe you could discuss some alternative ways where he could still feel the intimacy and that you would actually enjoy. Snuggling, perhaps in conjunction with or after he masturbates? See if you can find something that works for both of you. Sex drives also fluctuate, so if this is a recent development it might just be temporary. Neither of you are wrong for feeling the way you feel, if you can’t find something that works for both of you, you may just not be sexually compatible which is nobody’s fault.

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