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Dec 3 22
my sister is really urking me. so im likely getting off hormonal birth control and was talking to her and iuds got brought up and i personally would never get one because i dont like the idea of a “foreign”object just being in my body like that, like i dont even use tampons (even tho u cant feel them) its just not for me and my body. and shes saying i need therapy for health anxiety and im like ?? it’s literally a preference. so many people wouldnt get an iud and many dont use tampons. its just annoying me a lot. she’s constantly saying i need therapy, and yeah sure for regular anxiety but not health anxiety. if i dont want to take a certain medication that is not necessary to live or get an iud, that is a personal choice. and i told her that. like not everyone who doesnt want an iud has health anxiety?? just needed to vent
Dec 3 22
no you’re totally right. like i’m not comfortable with putting tampons in either. but she shouldn’t call you delusional and saying you need therapy for what you choose to do with your body…?
Dec 3 22
She sounds like a 💩 sister for judging you that harsh for not wanting a IUD and constantly bringing up that you need therapy. It’s okay for her to give the advice of seeing a therapist but being pushy about it isn’t going to help anyone. You need to make that decision for yourself. I’d stop talking to her about these type of things if she’s always like this. However if you feel like you could benefit from therapy for your general anxiety I would highly recommend reaching out to start the process of getting that type of help because wait times can be really long.
Dec 5 22
@Yi_eune yeah absolutely, i am no longer going to talk to her about things like this. and thank you! i will look into it soon, i know a lot of places do virtual now but i really prefer to be in person so i will have to look around!
Dec 5 22
@mikamiyu yeah its really annoying to hear it from her. so many people dont use tampons and wouldnt get an iud. personal preference! and im the type of person who prefers to not take medicine unless i really have to, like if i have a minor headache i wont take something for it ill just hydrate and rest. its just what i do with my body, so i think from that she assumes i dont want an iud bc health anxiety. and that i have anxiety towards meds like no. id do it if it was life or death lol but it isnt, same with medicine, if its something i absolutely need to take like an antibiotic for a uti for example

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