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Dec 1 19
Had sex with my boyfriend two days ago and when he came inside it kind of burned-like his cum was stinging my vagina? It was so weird and I felt uncomfortable and he noticed and immediately looked up reasons. It cleared up a while after I peed. Could it have something to do with the antibiotics he was on for an ear & throat infection? I have no issues with natural lubrication so I know it wasn’t that.
Dec 1 19
I’ve had this exact same experience, haven’t really found an answer yet, hopefully somebody knows more!
Dec 1 19
For me, his cum only burns the first or second time we have sex after not seeing each other for a little over a month, after the first few times it stops burning
Dec 1 19
@SunChild have you considered his diet? I know my man doesn’t have the best diet 😅 but this is the first time this has happened and what a coincidence that it was after he started these antibiotics
Dec 1 19
@ksmith Honestly that was my first thought! He definitely doesn’t drink enough water & the first time it happened we had been travelling all day so I thought maybe it’s because he’s very dehydrated lol Maybe the antibiotics could have off balanced something to do with it, who knows!😅
Dec 1 19
@SunChild a lot of factors honestly but hopefully that was a one time thing!
Dec 1 19
It’s most likely micro tears from sex. After not having sex for a while you need A LOT of foreplay to get properly lubricated. It stings when sperm gets into the micro tears.
Dec 1 19
That would make a lot of sense, thanks!

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