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Jun 8
i’ve missed two pills in week 2 & have taken the double dosage to catch up, but i’ve also started bleeding in the same week. i’ve also missed my last pill before my break & now i’ve still been bleeding. do i start a new pack? and skip my break? or do i just allow the break & start a new one as usual. first time this has happened to me. 💤💤💤💤💤💊💊💊💊💊💊⚠️💊💊💊⚠️⚠️❌❌💊💊💊⚠️⚠️⚠️❌💤💤 Brand: Junel Fe 1/20
Jun 8
it’s breakthrough bleeding. completely normal side effect. you don’t have to skip your break. skipping doesn’t guarantee that you won’t bleed
Jun 8
@nikeyxo thank you! i just wanted to be sure i was just going to wait & just stay my new pack as usual.

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