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Jan 12
Might be a bit TMI but I’ll try my best to not make it that bad... Basically me and my bf were just starting to have sex & it was a bit painful for me when he was all the way in. It felt like a bit of a burning feeling.... I’ve never had it before! We tried 2 positions and it was the same pain? We tried lube & it didn’t help. Obv I felt sooo so guilty! Not sure what it was? I don’t have any STD’s or any of that. But I was thinking it might be thrush? As I was really itchy down there for a few days due to missing a pill? Hate things like this & small problems like this, just wondering if anyone’s had the same thing before? X
Jan 12
Was you aroused enough? He needs to do foreplay on you for 30 minutes! Also use lots of lube. Has happened to me before and I realised that I wasn’t aroused before
Jan 12
^ you probably weren’t ready for penetration since there wasn’t enough foreplay
Jan 12
Not enough foreplay.
Jan 12

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