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Jan 22
Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of vagina odor? Help, please.
Jan 22
What kind of odor? Might be a sign of infection you’re best to see a doctor to get properly treated
Jan 23
Vaginas are supposed to have a natural smell, if your odor smells foul or off get checked for possible infections.
Jan 23
All vaginas have a natural odor and even without infections and being clean down there, it could be your diet! But definitely check for any infections and do not put any soaps or cleaners inside your vagina only clean yourself with water! and washing down their lips skin etc would help with any smells cause it could be sweat and what not making some funky smells
Jan 23
So wash the skin and everything around with soap, but do not wash your actual vagina with soap just water drink water. I have a healthy diet and make sure you have no infections. If you still have an odor after that, it could be your pH is off. I believe they have test for that and there’s even these little capsules they have you put inside you if your pH is really off just do some research hope all is well!

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