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May 1
Hey everyone I’m new here.. just a question I’ve recently started taking the combined pill, first time on them, before I had the implant and let’s just say I didn’t have a great time with it so going down the pill Avenue now, so just wanted to know if anyone else is on them and if so did you see any changes and when. Hope this makes sense. Many thanks Kay x
May 1
{J1IhcLxzk} ^ post for new pill users everyone has very different experiences so try not to base you opinion off of that!
May 1
Thank you I will do, just want to know other people’s experiences :)
May 1
Hey, I’ve been on the combined pill for over a month now. At first when I was taking it I felt really sick. And I went through a period of being very bloated. But it’s been a month now and I don’t think it’s affected me at all x
May 1
I finished my first month of the combined pill and I like it a lot I did feel a little bit nauseous at first but after a while it went away.

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