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Jun 21
TW: Pet Loss How do you deal with the loss of a pet? My shihtzu is 15 & a half years old. I watched her birth and she’s been by my side since I was a child. She’s more than just a dog to me. She’s a big part of my world and the thought of not having her with me much longer (due to a rapid decline in her health) is tearing me apart. I am heartbroken. I cried for hours yesterday.
Jun 21
I’ve never lost a pet but I have a cat and I know I would be heartbroken if I lost her. I just send my love and just know that when she does pass, you gave her all the love you could and she is no longer in pain. I hope you’re okay 🤍
Jun 21
When my cat died I cried horribly, I sat next to hear dead body for hours before we buried her and could not even accept the fact that she was gone now. I think for about a week I thought I would not be able to move on. But grief comes in wave and I felt with time the waves got less frequent and then one day I was finally able to think of her and just smile. No more sadness. It happened naturally and I definitely needed the time to cry and grief and miss her. But now I am so thankful she was part of my life. What helped me during the hardest period was thinking about how she was finally free of pain. I imagine she‘s healthily and happily jumping around in pet heaven. Eating all the snacks, laying in the sun and purring all day long. It‘s incredibly hard but I promise you will get through it. ❤️ If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me.
Jun 21
my cat died last year by the way and we had her for 13 years
Jun 21
My cat is 10, is there any signs I should look out for as he ages to know when to seek help? @fairyfunk

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