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May 14
Is this normal? I’m on the third day of my third week and I started bleeding, like a period. I wasn’t expecting my period till next week (break week). Has this happened to any of you girls before? 💊💊💊💊💊💊💤💤💤💤💤💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊 Brand: Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo
May 14
Breakthrough bleeding, a normal side effect.
May 14
@Yi_eune even if I’ve been on the pill for I think 8 or 9 months?? 😕
May 14
@flowersarecu side effects can occur at any time, whether you’re a new user or been on it for many years.
May 14
Did you take a pill late or anything? Sometimes when you forget a pill even if just a little late it can mess up your cycle. — also light or heavy?
May 14
@Scaredx2 I didn’t miss any pill, that’s what I thought as well. It’s light right now, don’t know how it’ll go throughout this day. But I think it’s a real period as I see the red strings of blood when I pee.

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