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Sep 19
Does anyone else grind their teeth in their sleep? My bf says i grind it really bad and it sounds like im chewing on teeth.. and im honestly worried that ill loose my teeth or if it’d break etc. its been a year around? Since i found out i grind my teeth. Im starting to have tension around my jaw area and i think its from me grinding my teeth
Sep 19
Probably best to see a dentist.
Sep 20
Definitely see a dentist!! Your teeth can be shaved down and have some bad effects because of it.
Sep 20
see a dentist they will give you a retainer sort of thing for when you sleep
Sep 20
Get a custom guard for sleeping.
Sep 20
I grind my teeth every night but my bf just kind of just had to deal with it lol 🤨 my teeth are find but yes your jaw especially when you haven’t got your wisdom teeth pulled there’ll be discomfort but anyway stores/Amazon should have those mouth guard, find the ones that is comfy. Don’t buy anything expensive because it’s not worth it and not effective at all. (All base on my experience)
Sep 21
See a dentist and get a custom sleep guard. You can get tmj from grinding your teeth and it puts a lot of strain on your jaw after awhile. Also if you notice yourself clenching your mouth during the day, try to avoid that as well

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