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Mar 23
I’ve been offered to start a new job as a care assistant tomorrow but now the UK has gone into lockdown, i’m not sure if I feel comfortable starting but i’m worried if I say this, the job won’t be mine no more. Has anyone got any opinions/advice? Should I just start the job?
Mar 23
Those jobs are considered mandatory unfortunately they don’t ever get breaks like nurses at this time
Mar 23
If they’re hiring at this time that means they’re probably pretty desperate for coverage right now. Anything open during a lockdown I assume is considered an essential service, which means you’re essential staff. It’s just the reality of that kind of job, your new coworkers have to work through it and if you want the job you should help when they need you most. If not, let them know and pursue a different position.
Mar 24
As a medical person myself that’s required to work I was definitely scary but there’s much precautions in place that make sure your as safe as possible (they’re not perfect though) but as stated above if you don’t want to start they’ll probably give it to someone else as they’re probably desperate.

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