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Jul 30
Are Apple pencils worth the price?
Jul 30
Depends what you’re planning on using it for and how often, for arty people or students/professionals wanting who need to draw notes (eg. Chem/math students) I’d say it is x
Jul 30
Really depends what you’re going to use it for and how often
Jul 30
If you want spend that kind of money on an Apple Pencil, I say do it but if you’re getting it just because, I would get a less expensive one I got a pencil but it’s not an Apple Pencil I want to get more creative but I’m really not and I don’t know what I would want to do I got things in mind though, just can’t think of how to start being creative if that make sense I don’t know what brand it is, I threw out the box
Jul 30
There’s a dupe on amazon for $30
Jul 30
depends how you use it! honestly I say go ahead a buy an “open box” or “used one” wherever you can.. it’s literally just a pencil and you can always replace the nib.
Jul 30
I have the pencil and it is amazing 😍 however I got mine with a discount so I’m not sure if I would spend the full Wack if you don’t think you’ll use it all the time, but if you will, it’s worth it!
Jul 30
if you plan on taking notes or drawing a lot, then yes it’s worth it. if the price is too steep you can look into getting a used one online :)
Jul 31
I draw and do calligraphy. I love my pencil! Just make sure your iPad is compatible. I had gotten the wrong one and had to sell it for less because they wouldn’t let me return once the plastic was off 🥺

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