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Nov 17 22
Hey guys, another vent here. Life is going downhill at a rapid pace rn. My cat will most likely die. She’s been in intensive care since Sunday at a vet clinic I haven’t seen her at all since and they had to operate her. I feel awful. She’s so sweet I can’t imagine my life once she has died since I am already at a very low point although she isn’t dead yet. I miss her so much already I am so so so incredibly sad and I can’t talk to my mom or bf about it bc my bf will cry and then I’ll have to console him and my mom wants to hear nothing bad anymore bc she’s stressed bc of the divorce and Apartment search. It’s just a lot for all of us rn but I can’t help and be mad that I can’t be the one consoled rn bc I need it so much. Once my cat really dies I will have to go to a mental hospital I can’t anymore I had already thought about it before my cat was dying No one has to comment anything I just want to I will add a picture of my sweet baby
Nov 17 22
She’s still a little baby she should be around 4 and I got her from a shelter she has had a bad life before they found and I adopted her I can’t believe she’s dying already
Nov 17 22
Nov 17 22
oh my love…i’m so so so incredibly sorry. as a cat owner myself who absolutely adores cats i have no idea how you’re feeling right now. i think it’s best if you at least try talking to your boyfriend if you can and maybe ask if he can at least console you since you’re obviously very heartbroken? if he makes everything about himself then i dont know if he’s truly the one. he should see your suffering and offer to help. and remember help lines are always there for when you need them. the national suicide prevention line is +18002738255. another thing is that life happens and i know this is so heartbreaking, i could only imagine. but maybe someday you can adopt another kitty and give them the care they need? your cat will always be watching over you and will only ever want the best for you 💕. so for your cat, please continue on and stay as strong as you possibly can right now. i’m so proud of you. my messages are always open if anything happens and you just need anyone to talk to. ♡ take care love 💕
Nov 18 22
I am so sorry to hear this, she is a beautiful little baby. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be what you’re going through. I’m sending you all my love & thoughts & prayers ❤️
Nov 18 22
@SparkleLilac thank you ❤️

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