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Mar 24
Hi so I was wondering when I’m protected with birth control since this is my first time using it. I took my first pill (very first pack) on the 5th day of my period (like during my period). I’ve been reading things that if you take it in your first 5 days of your period you are instantly protected so I was just wondering if anyone knows. Brand: Vienva, combined pill
Mar 24
What does your pamphlet say?
Mar 24
Since your new, please read you pamphlet and get educated on the pill. You can go on the nhs website to gain more info. 🙃
Mar 24
I started my pill on the 5th day of my period fully convinced that I was protected and I had unprotected sex that night and every day after only to read through my pamphlet and see that if I started on the 5th day I was supposed to use protection for the first 7 days.. but when I searched online planned parenthood website said I was protected.. so I just waited a month and took a pregnancy test and thankfully I wasn’t pregnant 😅
Mar 24
I have actually read through my pamphlet. But I’m still going to wait a full week rotation before having sex just to be safe.

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