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May 11
Recently my breast have been very tender especially in my lower breasts. My nipple has also changed slightly and is more pointed. Should I be worried? I know it’s a common symptom yet everything is stressing me out recently and making me overthink. I started my birth control on the first day of my period and had sex over 2 weeks before that so it’s not pregnancy is it? The bleeding lasted 5 days and was heavy like my usual periods including having clots (tmi sorry)🤣🤣
May 11
How long have you been on birth control?
May 11
All normal side effects of birth control
May 12
@bluerose9 been on birth control for just over 2 weeks since the first night of my period
May 12
@hxfx very normal so you’re still adjusting to the pill x
May 12
@bluerose9 Thank you so much! I don’t know anyone on the pill so this is so reassuring for me, thanks xx

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