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Jul 14
Does anyone know what the healing stage of a cold sore looks like? I have one right now that ive been treating and there is still a slight bump on my lip (not as big as yesterday) but its starting to turn yellowish, idk if thats a sign that its healing and turning into a scab or its filling up with cold sore liquids or something
Jul 15
usually it starts out as a bump, like a pimple. and after a day or so turns into a blister then after a couple days scabs over.
Jul 15
It’s normal, once they appear they are itchy and so on, they then become fluid filled blisters then they pop/ooze but they will become painful. Just try not kissing anyone or sharing things as it’s very contagious but once it’s gone ur fine xx
Jul 15
^ yes definitely dont share things or kiss anyone until its gone and a few days after. :)
Jul 15
It's always usually a bump, blister and then a scab. It won't be healed until it's completely gone and it feels normal. If you start treating it early enough it might not go past being a bump, but herpes is really tough to deal with in the first place. Definitely don't touch it or share items with people. Make sure to avoiding kissing and oral until it's fully gone.

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