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Feb 21
hey y’all. so i need some advice. me and my boyfriend have been having this discussion for quite some time now. basically his ex girlfriend from a few years ago continues to want to me friends with him. apparently they’ve been hanging out as friends since they broke up. i’ve never met her in person and my boyfriend doesn’t exactly enjoy hanging out with her either, he only does it to not be a jerk and blow her off. he has been trying to ignore her these past couple of weeks and she started to notice and somehow she came up with the fact that it’s because of me. she said to my boyfriend that she would “talk to me”. let she sends me this whole text about how she sees my boyfriend as a friend and she doesn’t want me to feel threatened by her. and i don’t know maybe it’s just me but her using the language that she did just seemed rude and as if i was taking him away from her which i’m not. i’ve simply told him he wouldn’t like me hanging out with my ex so i clearly don’t like him hanging out with his. he agrees with me. are we in the wrong? like we’re so lost in this issue and there seems to be no solutions... any thoughts?
Feb 21
If he doesn’t want to hang with her, he doesn’t have too. Like I understand he isn’t trying to be rude but he should tell her that maybe they can be friends from a distance or just tell her he doesn’t want to be friends all together.
Feb 21
I don’t think there is a problem with him hanging out with his ex, that’s not something to even discuss. However if he doesn’t want to be friends he just needs to say it to her and cut things off. He will hurt her much more by pretending to be a friend.
Feb 21
I think he needs to tell her he doesn’t want to be friends, it’s kinda shitty to just distance yourself or ghost a friend (who hasn’t tested you badly) without telling them why x
Feb 21
It's weird and inappropriate to me that she texted you, your boyfriend definitely needs to be clear that he doesn't want to be friends any more but that's between them, it doesn't really involve you

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