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Sep 20
is it normal to enjoy my cervix being hit? due to my boyfriend being on the large side i never felt comfortable enough taking him fully in, but recently we tried it and he instantly hit my cervix but i loved it. now it feels like the only way to get ‘that’ type of orgasm. it seems to be pleasing for him too. whenever i googled it, everyone seems against the idea. everyone describes it as painful for both people.. despite the amount we have did it these past days (15 times) + the roughness i havent suffered pain, should i be worried that there might be something else in there?? ik it sounds silly but i feel confused with my body.
Sep 20
I like it too. I don’t get sore after either. My bf is almost 8 inches and I absolutely love it when I can feel him hitting the back wall of my vag lol
Sep 20
@Kitarah so happy 2 know im not alone.
Sep 20
I also like it! the guy i’m seeing is big and he knows to get me wet and ready before he goes in otherwise I won’t enjoy it. but you’re def not alone :)
Sep 20
Everyone is different. Personally for me I don’t enjoy my cervix being hit because it makes sex hurt and uncomfortable. Some people enjoy it and can even orgasm that way.
Sep 21
Omg I wish it’s so painful for me but maybe that’s because I have an IUD 🫠
Sep 21
I definitely enjoy it in the moment it’s worth the little bit of uncomfort after but i tell him when it gets too much because then it makes me feel sick after :D Some people like that pain whether it’s inside your body or on your skin, some people think any type of pain in sex is bad but if you enjoy it and it’s safe and doesn’t effect you long time i think it’s great
Sep 21
Sometimes it feels good but it usually doesn’t. Everyone is different so it’s not abnormal.
Sep 22
I do sometimes but sometimes not, everyone and every time is different

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