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Feb 20
What is the difference between the mini pill and the combo pill other than like usage window and stuff? I’ve heard that the mini pill is less effective but I just wanted to know y’all’s opinions! :)
Feb 20
Combined pills contain two types of hormones, mini pills contain one. They’re both as effective as each other when taken correctly.
Feb 20
the combined pill has two different hormones, the mini pill only has one. the mini pill also has more room for error as the usage window is shorter, but they’re both as effective as eachother when taken correctly.
Feb 20
Does the mini pill tend to have less side effects?
Feb 20
I’m on the mini pill as I suffer from bad migraines and there is a smaller risk for blood clots with the mini pill. Side effects are the same as the combined pill, but the effects you may experience vary for everyone. The mini pill has a shorter usage window, so it must be taken around the same time each day while the combined pill has a 24 hour usage window. It is no less effective, there is just an easier chance to take pills late and protection is lost if a pill is missed. My mini pill has no break weeks unlike the combined pill.
Feb 21
The mini pill is progesterone only so it doesn't contain estrogen. The side effects you experience depend on how your body reacts to those hormones. Irregular bleeding is common on the mini pill because estrogen regulates bleeding. But some women don't bleed at all
Feb 21
In addition to what the others have written, oestrogen has many contraindications so many women can’t take combined pills for various health reasons, but often they can use the mini pill.

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