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Dec 4 18
if i’m ovulating but on birth control am i protected against pregnancy?
Dec 4 18
you dont ovulate on the pill. if you take your bc correctly and count for any interactions youre always protected against pregnancy.
Dec 4 18
Birth control suppressed ovulation. That’s how it protects against pregnancy
Dec 4 18
You do not ovulate on the combined pill if you take it properly. The main way it prevents pregnancy is by suppressing ovulation. Your pamphlet can offer a more in depth explanation if you're confused. If you're relying on a period tracking app to tell you when you're ovulating, you should stop using it. You're on a synthetic cycle now, so you never ovulate unless you miss pills.
Dec 4 18
@Sams2095 so if i missed one pill will i ovulate? i took 2 the next day like my pamphlet said.
Dec 4 18
It typical depends on where in the pack you missed the pill. It's more likely if you miss a pill in week one or if you miss one in week 3 and then don't skip your break week. As long as you followed the instructions in your pamphlet you will be okay. Does your pamphlet say anything about having to use extra protection like condoms?
Dec 4 18
This link can help explain when Plan b is needed. {WAXJUr2fg}
Dec 5 18
If you’re on combination pill then you’re still protected (no matter where you are in the pack) {VL2Opr27R}

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