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Sep 12
• I’ve had a gonorrhoea/chlamydia test done in May. Results came back negative. • I’ve had a syphillis/HIV test done last week. Results came back negative. •I’ve been having like abdominal pain on my right side for sometime. It goes and come. Done an ultra scan 2 weeks ago but result hasn’t been back. •My discharge at the moment is yellow and cottage-ish which is making me think I got yeast infection but I’m not sure as I’ve read the symptoms for gonorrhoea and chlamydia and it says abdominal pain as well so I’ve ordered some test to redo it again. I hope I’m fine tho. And the ultrasound scan is scaring me as well cos I don’t want it to be anything severe. Wish me luck guys😭
Sep 12
It sounds like you have a yeast infection, get some medication for that
Sep 12
I thought so as well but I’m just indecisive if to just get self medication or speak to my gp about it. But I definitely will do tomorrow x thank you
Sep 12
Adding to the first paragraph I took a break on my mini pill for a week which I wasn’t meant to. After the break, I noticed the yellowish discharge. And I’ve read online birth control also triggers yeast infection

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