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Jul 14
I, so confused with this app, I use a nuvaring ring and all month it’s been telling me I’m protected, and that today would be my last day on this ring, and I normally take it out at on a Sunday 12:00 but when I logged it it told me I’m unprotected and I’m used?? Confused ••••••⚠️⚠️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️•
Jul 14
Sometimes the app has trouble with the non-pill types of contraception. I’m on the implant and it never tells me I’m protected. As long as you know you’re protected you’re fine, though I know the reassurance on here is nice!

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